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    Up To Maintenance / Quick Cleaning

    Our "Up To Maintenance / Quick Clean" is a service we provide and is recommended to home owners whose house is already maintained or who keeps up regularly with "Basic / General Cleaning" service. If you don't think you need some of the items that we have listed on our "Basic / General Cleaning" Then this service is perfect for you! This service is for your ongoing, weekly, bi-weekly service.

    Whole House : Dusted w/ duster

    • Furniture (tops,sides,legs)  
    • Bed Made (1 set of sheets if left out) 
    • Stairs (vacuumed or swept/mopped) 
    • Floors (vacuumed or swept/mopped)
    • Countertops/Tabletops dusted (items on surfaces will not be individually dusted/wiped)
    • Trash (emptied/relined)


    • Mirrors (only in the bathrooms) 
    • Sink (only restroom, kitchen, laundry room) 
    • Counter tops (wiped)
    • Faucet (cleaned) 
    • Toilets 
    • Wastebaskets (relined/emptied) 
    • Shower/tub washed down & drain cleaned (no scrubbing)


    • Stovetop wiped (no special detail attention to build-up/hard stains) 
    •  Countertops/Tabletops wiped  
    • Sink (cleaned)
    • Faucets (cleaned)
    • Wastebaskets (emptied & relined) 

    Laundry Room:

    • Sink/faucets (cleaned) (shined) 
    • Outside of washer & dryer (dusted)
    Let Us Do The Cleaning For You While, You Take Care of What Matters