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    High Touch Sanitary Service

    Our High Touch Sanitary Service is for home owners who would just like for items in the home to be disinfected! This service is very fast paste and is to help remove those germs from everyday items that we touch.

    (these items will be disinfected & wiped)

    • Doorbell button 
    • Lightswitch plates 
    • Door knobs 
    • Cabinet & drawer pulls 
    • Toilet flush handle 
    • Alarm panel 
    • Thermostat button 
    • Tv remote control 
    • Garage door button 
    • Telephone receiver (landlines) 
    • Stair railings 
    • Fridge handles 
    • Microwave handles 
    • Shower door handles 
    • Faucets/Handles 
    • Trash Can lids 
    • Stove knobs,Oven knobs, handles!
    Let Us Do The Cleaning For You While, You Take Care of What Matters