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    Our Team

    Here at Lupe’s Cleaning Service, We don’t just have employees, We see them more as our own cleaning family. What our technicians do on a daily basis and the expectations that they have for themselves and the business is more than just cleaning houses. We strive to influence our team member’s by providing them educational courses to not only clean better but be better as a person and change their lives by providing them fair wages that make the job worth it, But overall our employees care most about satisfying our customers as much as we do!

    When our cleaning technicians go to service your home, They will provide all the cleaning supplies so you don’t have too! We use only the best cleaning products to produce great cleanings ! Our tools that we also provide, Help us get into hard to reach areas and remove years of residue from surfaces that were left over time.

    Each time a cleaning technician arrives to your home, They are using clean cloths, microfibers rags & mop heads to do the service. We know the importance of making sure that we are maintaining a sanitary standard within our business & in our clients homes. We wouldn’t want to be bringing someone else’s dirt into your home, So we make sure that we are using fresh equipment when we do come.

    With frequent meetings & communication within our team, We are all able to work accordingly and simultaneously within the business. A big part of what makes Lupe’s Cleaning Service what it is, Is the trait we all share here & that’s the will and want to make a difference in our clients homes, Which also makes their lives a little bit easier too.

    Thorough many years of working with employees, We’ve noticed trends that come and go but good genuine people never fade and those are exactly the employees here at Lupe’s Cleaning Service LLC. When we onboard a new member to join our team we aren’t just making sure they can clean properly but, We also have to make sure that we are hiring someone who is going to be respectful, mannered and represent the business to the standards that our customers have known to expect. This is what separates us from many other cleaning business.

    Our office staff team has continued to set the bar and exceed expectations & that is an another reason why our customers choose us! Our office staff are trained on how to operate with one another and are put through routine exercises to help systemize our operations to make sure customers are having a satisfactory experience when they are booking with Lupe’s Cleaning Service.

    When customers are able to have a pleasant experience with customer service and have their house cleaned properly, It is rewarding to all of our staff that we were able to make a difference in someone’s life, These are the moments that matter most to us and we are glad to be able to share that experience.