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    Our Employees are Properly Trained and Certified Here at Lupe's Cleaning Service LLC. & TheyLove What They Do

    At Lupe’s Cleaning Service, We have proven time and time again why we are favored by our clients amongst many other cleaning businesses, The reason why our proven systems have continued to work, Whether the person has lots of experience or none, It’s because our cleaning and training systems that we teach and onboard employees with have prepared each of them to be able to produce great quality cleanings that don’t degrade at a cleaning rate where time is not being wasted or misused. Each employee goes through an extensive and thorough onboarding process & from their if all qualifications are met, & our exam is taken with a passing score, We now can certify our cleaning technician to be able to produce the cleanings that our customers have known to expect!

    Be Apart of The Cleaning:

    We are looking for candidates who have the ability to move around at an active paste! This occupation involves a lot of moving and bending down from time to time. Being physically fit is a big benefit in this job as well as in your own life, If you have a great attitude, can work, comprehensive to directions, show-up on time & do a great job, Then this type of work environment is for you!

    The reasons why Lupe’s Cleaning has been able to retain employees for years now, With even some of our employees being here for over 4-5 years, Its because we know what its like to do this job and over the years we have learned how to be able to provide fair schedules and great wages so our technicians are not getting exhausted and can provide for their families.

    • We Strive To Help Our Technicians Perform At Their Best
    • Our Technicians Know Their Responsibility
    • We Are Communicating Everything To Ensure Customer Satisfactory


    At Lupe’s Cleaning we regularly have team meetings so we can ensure we are talking about any issues or adjustments we have to make or discuss about. Team meetings are also another great way for us to get to know our employees and introduce the new faces to our team, We celebrate with food and acknowledge and discuss what our meeting was about to make sure we are taking away this information and applying it.

    When searching for new candidates to join the team we are looking for core values in people, These are important qualities to have within yourself and will ensure what expectations you will be held to here at Lupe’s Cleaning Service.

    • Personality
    • Heart
    • Leadership
    • Want


    We know what’s it’s like to have kids and deal with emergencies. We have a team full of working mother’s and we understand the importance of being able to be their for them in a time of need! As a former mom myself, I have had my fair share of emergencies with my young ones. If this is something you can see yourself being apart of, Please feel free to submit an application with us down below ! At Lupe’s Cleaning Service. Please wait for an update as we are reviewing employment forms daily, If our fit is a match we will be contacting you to discuss further about an interview date and time. Thank you for applying at Lupe’s Cleaning Service LLC.

    Let Us Do The Cleaning For You, While You Take Care of What Matters