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    Tips on How to Make Cleaning Fun
    November 4, 2022

    Play Music

    Whether you like loud music, soft music, pop music or classical music, listening to music can elevate your mood, get your body moving and give your brain something to do while you are cleaning your house. Cleaning can be bring or hard, but singing, dancing and twirling to the music can put pep in your step. So don’t be afraid to crank up the music while you clean.

    Make it Into a Workout

    Did you know that cleaning burns calories ?  When you clean, you’re up on your feet, walking back and forth, climbing up and down and lifting and carrying. This physical activity can translate to a workout with the right attitude!

    Turn Cleaning into a Game

    In the same vein as turning it into a workout, you can make cleaning a game. You can involve your siblings, your spouse, your children or your roommate. Keep a points chart somewhere. Assign every cleaning task in the house with a certain number of points. Whoever completes the task gets the points. At the end of the week, whoever has the most points receives some type of prize.

    Clean Against the Clock

    You can use a timer as a way to clock yourself if you are seeing who cleans the fastest as a cleaning game. You can also use a timer as a way to motivate yourself to finish quicker. For example, assign a goal time for each cleaning task you need to complete. Reward yourself for beating the goal. For example, if you’re cleaning the bathroom and the goal time is twenty minutes to complete the task, reward yourself with a break if you finish faster.

    Create a Household Chores List

    A chores list may not seem like fun, but you can use one to organize your cleaning habits, reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning and even add rewards to your household cleaning routine. It’s also a way to get everyone else involved, because the list can be used to allow household members to volunteer for tasks, or to make assignments.

    Get Your Kids Involved

    Kids can be wonderfully creative and fun. They don’t like cleaning anymore than you do, and most of the time they don’t see the point of doing it. Ask them for ideas on how to make things easier, faster or more fun. They just may come up with effective, innovative solutions. One of the best ways to make cleaning fun is to get kids to help you create a game, tell a story or become engaged in the cleaning. With more helping hands, the tasks may get taken care of faster. You can even build a closer relationship by giving your kids time to talk to you about what’s going on with them when you are cleaning together.

    Create the Cleaning Bin

    This cleaning activity can be especially fun for parents with young children. It requires a standard bin that you can purchase at Target or Wal-Mart. Once you have your bin, have your kids decorate it. They can use paint, stickers, or whatever they want. After they have decorated the bin, show the kids how to take the bin from room to room to gather items that don’t belong there and how to use it to deliver the items to their proper places. Kids love to be in charge and giving them a cleaning bin lets them play choo-choo or delivery truck, rescue ranger, or whatever fun role their imaginations can produce.

    Talk to a Friend

    Multi-tasking can ease the pain of cleaning, particularly if you want to catch up with friends long-distance or just your best-friend across town. You can even make a cleaning date, a time when you can both chatter on the phone, while cleaning and accomplish two tasks at the same time. Try to use a hands free device so that you have both hands free for cleaning tasks. Remember to be careful to avoid damaging your phone with water.

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