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    How to Safely Remove Stains Off Walls
    November 4, 2022

    Vacuum the Walls

    Begin vacuuming your walls from ceiling to baseboards, using the soft brush attachment. Just like reading, it’s best to go top to bottom, left to right. Make sure to only use the brush part of the vacuum attachment so you won’t leave any scuff marks behind

    The Gentle Cleaning Method

    If your paint finish is eggshell, semigloss, high-gloss, or oil-based, you can clean your walls with a light washing using a diluted solution of liquid dishwashing soap, warm water & a micro fiber rag. You don’t want your cleaning solution to be too soapy, so depending on the concentration of your dish soap, you will likely need only a drop of two per half-gallon of water. From there you will use a your micro fiber to gently remove the stain if it allows you too. Make sure to not use to much pressure because you can also damage the wall like that.

    How to Clean Mold From Walls

    In moisture-ridden rooms such as bathrooms, mold and mildew are common occurrences. If the above regular cleaning techniques aren’t enough to tackle a mildew problem on your walls, you can step it up with a handy cleaning solution.

    First, combine a non-ammonia all-purpose cleaner or a mold and mildew cleaner with water, Never use cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia, as they may remove or alter color.

    Next, spot-test your wall to make sure they are colorfast, then lightly rub the area using a circular motion instead of a hard back-and-forth scrub.

    Finally, after washing the area with the cleaning solution, rinse well with a well-wrung out sponge or cloth dampened with clean water, then dry well with a white lint-free cloth.

    How to remove fingerprints, scuffs, and grim from walls

    To tackle greasy fingerprints or scuff marks, start by spot treating the affected area with a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with a cleaning solution of mild dishwashing soap mixed with water. After lightly rubbing with the soapy cloth, rinse your cloth or sponge well and go over the area with clean water to remove any soapy residue. Make sure to also dry the wall as you go.

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